The ATLAS Guide to Leadership in Higher Education

Based on our popular workshop An Introduction to Academic Leadership, this guide discusses the nature of leadership, why academic leadership must be different from leadership in other types of organizations, styles of leadership, tailoring one's style of leadership to a specific organizational culture, and much more.

Ebook $4.99 at AmazonBarnes and Noble, or iBooks. Paperback $12.99 at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

​The ATLAS Guide to Promoting Collegiality in Higher Education

Based on Bob Cipriano's popular workshops on collegiality, this guide traces the source of incivility on college campuses today, provides an operational definition of collegiality, discusses the differences between civility and collegiality, examines the concept of the Collegiality Statement, provides practical strategies for promoting collegiality in higher education, addresses how to deal with breaches of collegiality, explores case law with regard to collegiality in higher education, describes how to screen for collegiality in faculty searches, and describes how to deal with matters of collegiality in making tenure decisions.

Ebook $4.99 at AmazonBarnes and Noble, or iBooks.  Paperback $12.99 at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

The ATLAS Guide to Conducting Effective Meetings in Higher Education

Based on ATLAS' new workshop We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This: Conducting Meetings Effectively, this guide provides a six-step process that you can use to conduct better meetings, regardless of your position in higher education.

It includes advice on how to make agendas more effective, how to organize the room properly for different types of meetings, how to deal with meeting disruptors and other difficult personalities, how to assign meeting roles, how to reach consensus more easily, and how to streamline the meeting process.

Ebook $4.99 at AmazonBarnes and Noble, or iBooks.  Paperback $12.99 at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.